Wednesday, 20 April 2011

21/04/2011 - Cairns, Australia

I am now in Cairns, Australia - where the famous great barrier reef is, but I'm yet to see it, and well Australia is insanely expensive so I have been living off supermarket homebranded peanut butter and bread! I greatly miss Asia! but hopefully I will be able to go back there in not too long! We are going down the East Coast of Australia, starting in Cairns and ending in Melbourne. The weather is apparently bad and cold down south, and we will be going to beach place after beach place! We might do Skydiving or Bunjee jumping in Australia but they also offer it in New Zealand so it's kind of hard to choose between the two, but apparently it's slightly cheaper in New Zealand!

I'm not sure what our next stop on the East Coast is, so I'll update this blog when I arrive wherever it is!

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