Monday, 23 May 2011

24/05/11 - Melbourne, Australia.

I'm now im Melbourne, my final destination in Australia. It is really quite cold here, and the backpacker hostel is in St. Kilda which is a little bit out of the centre! which I found out after I walked for a good 1.5hrs with my heavy backpack and bags! Will take a few photo's and as it's cheap Tuesday today I will treat myself to a dominoes pizza tonight as it's half price! Not sure what there is to do here, probably the same as other cities, so will just walk around do all the free sites, and take some photos!

Won't be long until I'm in New Zealand (28th May) and then I'll be getting by even more hardcore in a campervan! so will have to make the most of having the luxury of a hostel and mattress! Will probably be harder to update this blog in New Zealand as I'll be in a van, in the country side and won't have access to free internet!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

22/05/11 - Sydney, Australia

Spent a bit of time here in Sydney, it's very nice, kinda what you would expect from a city. The Opera House was pretty cool, as well as the big harbour bridge. Beaches were nice too, I guess Sydney is the place to be having the Beaches a short drive away and the big city so close. I also saw a couple wales in the sea from the coast, they barely peaked above the water but it still counts! they did the whole spitting water up in the air too! Had a good night out in too, made the most of the cheap goon, paid the price the next day haha.

Anyway off to Melbourne on Monday night, I hear that Sydney and Melbourne are both good, and people dinf it hard to say which is better, so I'm guessing they'll be pretty similar, and then after Melbourne I will be headed into the cold of New Zealand.

Monday, 16 May 2011

17/05/11 - Surfer's Paradise + Byron Bay, Australia


I'm in now in Byron Bay, and didn't get round to updated the blog in Surfer's Paradise. Surfer's Paradise was awesome, luckily had some great people in my flat/dorm so that was good fun. The actual place was good too, kinda reminded me of Miami, wasn't what I expected! It had a massively long beach and then with a mini city skyscrappers next to it! Unfortunately I couldn't find work for accommodation there, but the cheapest place did pick me up in a limo for free!!!

Byron Bay is alright, similar to other places really, nice beaches, popular with surfers, and as a small town with the regular few clothes shops and some fast food chain stores. Didn't get a chance to go to Nimbun as it cost $25 AUS to do so! and didn't find any work for accommodation here either so I'm leaveing today for Sydney where I can use up some of free nights to save a bit of money!!! Saw 2 scholes of doplhins in Byron Bay which was a pleasent suprise, it was quite amazing, they seemed like baby ones too! also trekked the coast and saw the lighthouse (where the dolphins were) so that was worth it!

Looking forward to going back to a big city where it should be bursting with life, and have plenty of things to do for free!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

11/05/11 - Noosa + Brisbane, Australia

So I've been in Noosa, where I slaved away for my free accomodation to save money, I was glassing at the Nomads party bar. Noosa was pretty cool, had some nice beaches where you were actually allowed in the sea, so there were a few surfers. There was also a nice scenic walk through the national park that goes down the coast for miles.

After Noosa I went to Brisbane, my first proper city! finally lots of big buildings, and life walking around, no longer on a deserted place with only one main street! so far I love it, probably because of the change of North Australia, and I'm very much a city boy. Going to walk around the city and take advantage all the free things you can do as I'm hardcoring my budget. Just applied for my China visa so all excited about that. Will be in Brisbane until Friday where I will then go somewhere south!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

05/05/2011 - Rainbow Beach, Australia

At Rainbow beach, so far not seen much but doesn't look very impressive, with only 3 or 4 hostels most of which are full! Couldn't get any work so having to pay a massive $24 per night. Thinking on moving to Noosa to save some money! Staying what seems like a caravan park converted into a box office hostel. It's surprising how little there is in some of these places!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

03/05/11 - Hervey Bay

In Hervey Bay, working for free accommodation, went to see arthur at the cinema and attempted to see skream 4 afterwards. Skydiving tomorrow at 7am! Rainbow beach next, think we are leaving there on Thursday!