Saturday, 21 May 2011

22/05/11 - Sydney, Australia

Spent a bit of time here in Sydney, it's very nice, kinda what you would expect from a city. The Opera House was pretty cool, as well as the big harbour bridge. Beaches were nice too, I guess Sydney is the place to be having the Beaches a short drive away and the big city so close. I also saw a couple wales in the sea from the coast, they barely peaked above the water but it still counts! they did the whole spitting water up in the air too! Had a good night out in too, made the most of the cheap goon, paid the price the next day haha.

Anyway off to Melbourne on Monday night, I hear that Sydney and Melbourne are both good, and people dinf it hard to say which is better, so I'm guessing they'll be pretty similar, and then after Melbourne I will be headed into the cold of New Zealand.

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