Monday, 23 May 2011

24/05/11 - Melbourne, Australia.

I'm now im Melbourne, my final destination in Australia. It is really quite cold here, and the backpacker hostel is in St. Kilda which is a little bit out of the centre! which I found out after I walked for a good 1.5hrs with my heavy backpack and bags! Will take a few photo's and as it's cheap Tuesday today I will treat myself to a dominoes pizza tonight as it's half price! Not sure what there is to do here, probably the same as other cities, so will just walk around do all the free sites, and take some photos!

Won't be long until I'm in New Zealand (28th May) and then I'll be getting by even more hardcore in a campervan! so will have to make the most of having the luxury of a hostel and mattress! Will probably be harder to update this blog in New Zealand as I'll be in a van, in the country side and won't have access to free internet!

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