Monday, 16 May 2011

17/05/11 - Surfer's Paradise + Byron Bay, Australia


I'm in now in Byron Bay, and didn't get round to updated the blog in Surfer's Paradise. Surfer's Paradise was awesome, luckily had some great people in my flat/dorm so that was good fun. The actual place was good too, kinda reminded me of Miami, wasn't what I expected! It had a massively long beach and then with a mini city skyscrappers next to it! Unfortunately I couldn't find work for accommodation there, but the cheapest place did pick me up in a limo for free!!!

Byron Bay is alright, similar to other places really, nice beaches, popular with surfers, and as a small town with the regular few clothes shops and some fast food chain stores. Didn't get a chance to go to Nimbun as it cost $25 AUS to do so! and didn't find any work for accommodation here either so I'm leaveing today for Sydney where I can use up some of free nights to save a bit of money!!! Saw 2 scholes of doplhins in Byron Bay which was a pleasent suprise, it was quite amazing, they seemed like baby ones too! also trekked the coast and saw the lighthouse (where the dolphins were) so that was worth it!

Looking forward to going back to a big city where it should be bursting with life, and have plenty of things to do for free!

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