Tuesday, 10 May 2011

11/05/11 - Noosa + Brisbane, Australia

So I've been in Noosa, where I slaved away for my free accomodation to save money, I was glassing at the Nomads party bar. Noosa was pretty cool, had some nice beaches where you were actually allowed in the sea, so there were a few surfers. There was also a nice scenic walk through the national park that goes down the coast for miles.

After Noosa I went to Brisbane, my first proper city! finally lots of big buildings, and life walking around, no longer on a deserted place with only one main street! so far I love it, probably because of the change of North Australia, and I'm very much a city boy. Going to walk around the city and take advantage all the free things you can do as I'm hardcoring my budget. Just applied for my China visa so all excited about that. Will be in Brisbane until Friday where I will then go somewhere south!

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