Monday, 4 July 2011

04/07/2011 - Los Angeles + Fiji


So I am now in Los Angeles, and today is the 4th of July, which in USA is a big celebration of Independence day! it's nice and hot, seems to be just like the movies etc. etc. great fast food etc. etc. Enjoying it here, tomorrow I will go take a look at Hollywood and do all the touristy stuff.

I am currently looking into going to San Francisco on the 7th or 8th, spend a few days there before flying out to Shanghai, China!

Fiji was also awesome, very much a paradise get away place! unfortunately we only got 3 days of sun, so we were unlucky with the weather! however I had fun, and it very much was clear waters, vivid blue seas, nice coral, nice fish, mantarays and sharks! White sandy beaches, and hamacks to enjoy the scenary of palm trees whilst drinking coconut milk out of a coconut with a nice tropical flow in it!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

24/06/2011 - Auckland, New Zealand (North Island)

So it's my last night in NZ, had an amazing time, campervanning has been so much fun and an awesome experience. Not sure I will be seeing such beautiful scenary for a while!
At the moment my flights tomorrow for Nadi, Fiji are not canceled due to the ash cloud which good news so hopefully everything will go smoothly tomorrow!

Will update in Fiji!

Friday, 17 June 2011

18/06/2011 - Taupo, New Zealand (North Island)


Currently in Taupo, which is awesome and has a massive beautiful lake! We did the crossing across the volcano which was amazing but tiring, some very beautiful scenery such as the Emerald Lakes, and the Blue Lake. Only a week left until I leave New Zealand! has gone too quickly!!! but who knows after the recent volcano explosion somewhere it's ash cloud may affect my flights out of NZ, hopefully not as I would love to spend 7 days, so fingers crossed it doesn't screw up the rest of my travel plans which I'm extremely excited about!

Monday, 13 June 2011

14/06/2011 - North Island, New Zealand


Crossed the ferry to the North Island, so I am now in Wellington which is a nice change of scenery, but still can't beat the South Islands scenic roadside views!

We plan to drive around the North Islands and do as much as possible but time is against us. A few of the people have not done skydiving before so I think they are planning on doing that at some point, but apart from that I think it's going to be site seeing, taking in the views and doing some walks!

Managed to stay clear of the bad earthquake in Christchurch, so all is still good in NZ.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

06/06/2011 - South Island, New Zealand

I'm now in New Zealand (South Island), with the campervan and it's insanely beautiful and a lot of fun. I'm in Queenstown at the moment, where I did the 134m Nevis Bungy Jump which was mental!!!! We've seen some amazing sites, even dolphins and seals! The views are just stunning from the road side. We still have Glacier Hiking to do which I am sure will also be incredible, and then the North Island is all still to come.

Having a lot of fun, but don't get the chance to use the internet often so won't be able to update very often, sorry! 

See you in a few

Monday, 23 May 2011

24/05/11 - Melbourne, Australia.

I'm now im Melbourne, my final destination in Australia. It is really quite cold here, and the backpacker hostel is in St. Kilda which is a little bit out of the centre! which I found out after I walked for a good 1.5hrs with my heavy backpack and bags! Will take a few photo's and as it's cheap Tuesday today I will treat myself to a dominoes pizza tonight as it's half price! Not sure what there is to do here, probably the same as other cities, so will just walk around do all the free sites, and take some photos!

Won't be long until I'm in New Zealand (28th May) and then I'll be getting by even more hardcore in a campervan! so will have to make the most of having the luxury of a hostel and mattress! Will probably be harder to update this blog in New Zealand as I'll be in a van, in the country side and won't have access to free internet!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

22/05/11 - Sydney, Australia

Spent a bit of time here in Sydney, it's very nice, kinda what you would expect from a city. The Opera House was pretty cool, as well as the big harbour bridge. Beaches were nice too, I guess Sydney is the place to be having the Beaches a short drive away and the big city so close. I also saw a couple wales in the sea from the coast, they barely peaked above the water but it still counts! they did the whole spitting water up in the air too! Had a good night out in too, made the most of the cheap goon, paid the price the next day haha.

Anyway off to Melbourne on Monday night, I hear that Sydney and Melbourne are both good, and people dinf it hard to say which is better, so I'm guessing they'll be pretty similar, and then after Melbourne I will be headed into the cold of New Zealand.