Monday, 4 July 2011

04/07/2011 - Los Angeles + Fiji


So I am now in Los Angeles, and today is the 4th of July, which in USA is a big celebration of Independence day! it's nice and hot, seems to be just like the movies etc. etc. great fast food etc. etc. Enjoying it here, tomorrow I will go take a look at Hollywood and do all the touristy stuff.

I am currently looking into going to San Francisco on the 7th or 8th, spend a few days there before flying out to Shanghai, China!

Fiji was also awesome, very much a paradise get away place! unfortunately we only got 3 days of sun, so we were unlucky with the weather! however I had fun, and it very much was clear waters, vivid blue seas, nice coral, nice fish, mantarays and sharks! White sandy beaches, and hamacks to enjoy the scenary of palm trees whilst drinking coconut milk out of a coconut with a nice tropical flow in it!

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