Monday, 7 February 2011

07/02/11 - Arrival. Bangkok, Thailand.

Arrived safely, had an awesome flight that actually had our own TVs and you got to choose what and when you wanted to watch stuff! For some reason I didn't watch much at all (I had already seen most the films, so I ended up half watching The Switch, and saw an episode of Modern Family that I'd already seen). I got 0 hours sleep, I was lucky enough to be next to an old couple who were coughing 24/7....great.

Once we dumped our stuff at the hostel we strolled the streets and after I saw the amount of stuff I wanted to buy on the streets I seriously regret packing my bag so full, so might have to throw away some clothes!

We then hit up Khao San Road? in the evening, where we had a great time hitting many bars and raving the night away, had some very funny and memorable moments! We got back to the room at 5am or so and then got up at 11am and had a lazy start by the pool...(YES OUR HOSTEL HAS A POOL ON THE ROOF!) and we are now shortly off to go see the Royal Palace and then probably go out again tonight and then do the Floating Market tomorrow!.  (Edit:) Turns out we didn't do that, went out last night again and done an all nighter and drank through breakfast and then went back to our roof pool for a bit. I will now probably try and last as long as I can before I fall asleep, and tonight is our last night in Bangkok, before we head to Phuket (I think). We are returning to Bangkok in the future so we'll be able to do the touristy sights stuff then.

I'm doing a very poor job of taking photo's, but then again we haven't visited any of the sights!

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