Friday, 11 February 2011

12/02/2011 - Koh Samui, Thailand

So... we bought a bus ticket from Bangkok to Kho San Toa? or something or other. But then there was a mixup and we were forced to go on the bus to Phuket (doesn't bother me as I'm sure it's all amazing). So we were on the bus for a good 15 hours or so and then get dropped off at a random spot where we then taken to another tourist office, where there was another mixup! so in the end we have ended up in Koh Samui!! which is awesome! We set off at 6pm from Bangkok and arrived at our place in Koh Samui (Lang Ma?) at around 2.30pm the next day, so it  was a good 20 hour journey without sleep!

Anyway we have a awesome hostel in Koh Samui, which is right on the beach, and you stay in the cool hay hut things! So you open your day and your blessed with palm trees and sand and the sound of the sea!!
We went into town and partied at Chang ma? (I honestly have no idea with the names, sorry!)

The next day (11th) we did our first cultural/touristy activity! we went to see some rocks, a monkey show, a few massive Buddhas, a Shiny Lady, a Mumified Monk, Waterfalls, with the little sleep I have been giving myself my memory isn't the best!

We plan on moving to the Chang ma place in a couple of days (still in Koh Samui)
When things get clearer I will try to edit this post with more details!

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